Jeremy James Taylor

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A remarkable and enormously impressive company achievement. Pendragon is an outstanding and triumphant production
(Peter Whitebrook, The Scotsman)

The Ragged Child

The Ragged Child is one of the best things I have ever seen young people doing on the stage. It’s certainly not children’s entertainment. It’s far too good for that!
(Brian McDonald, The Times Educational Supplement)

The Ballad of Salomon Pavey

Exceptional — a quite extraordinary entertainment.
(Benedict Nightingale, The Times)

The Ballad of Salomon Pavey, with its meaty story-line, great songs, plenty of pathos and zing — is a terrific play for boys — and, if at all possible, get Jeremy James Taylor to direct it. You’ll have a sure-fire hit!
(Graham Hill, Headmaster, Willington School)

Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat

Truly amazing! Dynamic, exhilarating and intriguing. This is the perfect treatment for the 45 energetic young performers – a new look at the celebrated piece, with 16 year old Jude Law in the title role, this production makes you think. Is Joseph really the squeaky-clean, hard-done-by brother or is he a clever, unsavoury manipulator?
(Steve Thorpe, The Edinburgh Evening News)


The cast rise to the challenge beautifully and, in doing so, give the Fringe one of its best children’s shows this year.
(The Guardian)

The Dreaming

The standards of the production and the performances on stage and in the orchestra are first-rate. This is midsummer merriment to bring a glow to bleak mid-winter. Enchanting.
(Georgina Brown, The Mail on Sunday)

Captain Stirrick

What makes the work so memorable is not just the wonderfully inventive music, not even the quite outstanding performances, but the richness of the material, the quality and placing of each theatrical coup which makes the characters’ reactions to each other and ours to them so complex and thought-provoking. It is a story that recalls Hamlet and Peter Grimes — and the writer’s own creative imagination has a good share and talent of both of their creators.
(Hilary Finch, The Times Educational Supplement)

Helen Come Home

Hugely enjoyable and silly!!
(Philipa Davison, The Times Educational Supplement)

The Powder Monkeys

The Powder Monkeys must be one of the most accomplished productions seen this year at Stratford East. Stunning!
(Philipa Davison, The Times Educational Supplement)

The Tower of Babel

In a genre which Jeremy James taylor has lately made very much his own, The Tower of Babel is a total success; charming, colourful and sometimes unespectedly moving.
(Christopher Grier, The Scotsman)

Jack Spratt V.C.

A triumphant success. The cast perform enviably well and with such assurance and panache. Marvellous!!
(BBC Radio Scotland)


How does this ravishing troupe of young performing geniuses do it year after year? Jeremy James Taylor’s National Youth Music Theatre possesses such a scintillation, a verve, a joy and fire which are well nigh immaculate. Annie is adorable!
(Bonnie Greer, The Scotsman)


With a tightly disciplined and wonderfully energetic cast, Richard Stilgoe’s new musical, Bodywork is very fine, but what we remember most is the all-round and never-ending energy and ability of this astonishing young company under the direction of Jeremy James Taylor. A quite remarkable organisation.
(Peter Hepple, The Stage)


Dear Editor,

What a superb, professional, fantastic and wonderful evening we all had last night at Drake at The Theatre Royal, Plymouth.

From 14 members of my family and friends, thanks and good wishes to all 50 of the brilliant young cast in whatever path they take through life. God bless them all…
(Letter to The Western Morning News)

The Little Rats

The piece might seem merely sentimental if it were not for the miracle that Jeremy James Taylor achieved with the production and the sheer talent of the cast. Stunning!
(Peter Taylor, The Independent)

The Tailor of Gloucester

The NYMT version of The Tailor of Gloucester dances along with an apparantly artless ease which is in fact the product of a marvelous unforced richness of technique and imagination.
(Malcolm Hayes, The Sunday Telegraph)

Whistle Down The Wind

It is very rare to see a school production as good as this. The quality of Whistle Down The Wind at Queen’s College, was extraordinarily high and Jeremy James Taylor’s production deserves all the accolades it undoubtedly will receive. This is cutting-edge music and drama, the kind of challenge that a good secondary school should be attempting; rarely, however, will the resulting music drama be this good.
(Jeremy Rowe, Queen's News)

Master Peter's Puppet Show

The NYMT has added yet another technique to its panoply of professional skills. It has taken on mime and mask and done so with the imaginationa and panache which characterises its work at its best. This is a fresh and audacious reincarnation by Jeremy James Taylor of Manuel de Falla’s delightful opera and it is captivating!
(Hilary Finch, The Times)