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Jasper Britton (IMDB), now a professional actor, recalls meeting Jeremy for the first time:

When I was 12 a strange man came to my school. He wore a black velvet jacket. He smoked Hamlet cigars. He wore a Mickey Mouse watch, and he had a prominent gap in his teeth. His eccentricities aside, the weekly visits of this man to my school became the highlight of my life at the time, as we began to workshop what was to become The Ballad of Salomon Pavey. I didn't realise it at the time, because there was so much fun, but he was teaching me, and all of us involved, some very important lessons and skills. Jeremy James Taylor brought professional standards to a school play. He treated us as adults, he gave us responsibilities, he made demands of us. What he did, and does, is to bring an imagination, a driving energy, a sense of infinite choice, an awakening in the mind to a wider range of possibilities, a sense of pride and self-worth, a playfulness, all tempered with an uncompromising discipline.

Jeremy's post performance notes sessions were the toughest and most comprehensive that I have ever encountered in the Theatre. And we loved it, and we loved him, and we were proud to work with him.

Jeremy instilled in me the rigorous standards that were prevalent in theatre at that time, and which I endeavour to apply to this day. He really did teach me everything I know. And, of course, he doesn't 'have' to do any of this. He's a great Theatre Director. But he's dedicated his life to nurturing talent in young people, and giving them the gift of experiences they might never otherwise have had. For me, the experience of being a part of the NYMT was profoundly life-changing, life-enhancing. A truly formative experience. I still have my original script. I will always be indebted to JJT.